Charged With Impaired Driving

impaired driving

The Facts on Impaired Driving Charges

Impaired driving is considered a serious criminal charge. Regardless of whether you’re driving a car, aircraft, train, boat or any other motor vehicle of the type – as soon as your overall capacity to be in control of it is impaired by alcohol or a similar substance it’s actually considered impaired driving. This is also commonly referred to as driving under the influence.

Among the reasons why people tend to get caught driving under the influence is the fact that they become very prominent by driving either too slow or too fast and then exhibit inaudible speech, inability to perform simple tasks and hence are charged with this driving offense.

impaired driving charges

The police will more than likely demand of an individual to perform the breath test in order to help determine the alcohol concentration levels currently found in their blood stream.

And in case it turns out to be above the legally allowed limit, there can be some serious consequences for them to deal with.

For example, topping the legal limit might mean that the alcohol content found in the bloodstream is above 90 mg of alcohol in 110 ml of blood.

In most instances the accused individuals are also going to be facing penalties and severe consequences. This is especially true for repeat offenders. Here are some of the different penalties which drunk drivers tend to face accordingly:

The first offense:

Most drivers end up paying a fine in the sum of at least six hundred dollars the first time a penalty of this nature is imposed upon them. However, this isn’t the end of it because their right to drive is also taken away for a certain period of time. Sometimes the individual might be innocent; however, the moment that they are charged their license is taken away for at least one to a few additional years consequently.

The second offense:

Being caught the second time carries some stern consequences, especially compared to the first offense. Individuals are sentenced for up to two weeks of jail time. On top of that, their license is taken away for 2-5 years.

How can a criminal defence lawyer help you?

Repeat offenders:

It’s not uncommon for them to be subjected to a maximum of three months of imprisonment. Moreover, their driving prohibition is extended for at least three years. A lifetime ban also isn’t an uncommon way of punishment for repeat offenders.

It instantly becomes clear to just about any individual involved in the discussion of impaired driving that it certainly has the ability to affect an individual’s life in so many ways.

One of the first things to ensure is that a criminal lawyer becomes involved right away because they provide a strong and effective presentation in the court of law.

Finally, in case you’ve been caught and charged with this offense you’ll have to ensure you talk with a criminal lawyer straight away. And to find one that you can rely upon to make dealing with the consequences as easy as it gets, simply start your search online being that most lawyers offer their services there nowadays.

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